How to interact with NPCs?

July 5th, 2017

There are lots of event, which you need to interact with NPCs to obtain information to step forward. In this page, you can find out how to interact with them. So let’s find out!




First and the most important in communicate with NPCs

EMs will spawn specific NPCs time to time to make you to get information and background of the event. Not like other NPCs, they will respond when you gave them correct keyword. You need to obtain their information by communicate with them. First and Foremost, you must locate NPCs. In most of events, they will have unique and specific title to distinguish other NPCs. Sometimes, however, they will have same title as the others but EMs or NPCs will give you exact name in this case.



Basic principle of communication


Then what you need to do is, trying to communicate with them. To communicate with them, you need to say ‘clue’ by close enough to make them hear your word. NPCs will respond right away when you gave them exact key words. But you need to remind this: They will not respond and pretending ordinary NPC until you give them correct key word. Remember, what you need to say is just saying ‘clue’ first. Then they will respond, give you what you need to do.




Continuing communication

When NPC starts talking, you will recognize that specific words have quotation marks in their context. Look at the picture at the bottom left, you will see the context, which is “What? Why are you bothering me? Who are you and what are you going to do to “me”?”. You can find out “me” has quotation marks. This is the key words to continuing communication with them. So you can see the next picture that they are respond another context when I say “me”. And in their new context, “champion” has quotation marks so when you say it, then they will say something else.


Trading items with information

Sometimes, they are not just talking. To obtain specific information, you need to give them an item what they need. In this case, of course, you have to give it away. How to give them is just same as trading other players. Drag an item from your backpack and drop it on their head then they will say something if it is correct, but if it is not, then they will return it to your backpack again.


If it’s correct, they will whisper to you to the others can’t hear this secret information. Only item givers can hear them. Information is one of the most valuable thing in Sosaria, so if they just give them all, then they will bankrupted soon, isn’t it? However, If the item is not what they asked, they won’t accept it and give it back to your backpack. And of course, they will say nothing because it is not what they need.


Now, this is the basic information about how to interact with NPCs. If you met strange NPCs during the event, or find weird NPCs while you are traveling Britannia, try to contact with them. By interact with them, you will get background information and one step closer to the reward.

Don’t forget how to interact with NPCs!


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